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You want to sell your product, your service, your information.

You want to write a tweet, write a new facebook ad, write an email subject line but you just don't have the words to say it.

You just don't know how to start that sentence, that headline, that tweet.

Your sales muscle needs training. And just like lifting weights, getting reps, you need to do something to sell every single day.

I've been in the same boat. I just want to write a TON of facebook ads and just look at other facebook ads. I want to write tweets and get lists and lists of tweet templates. Sometimes I hunt for tweet when I really just want to hunt for customers.

Instead of seeing inspiration, you just need more words. You need to just see a single word and that alone blasts off ideas.

Instead of questions or prompts, or ideas, you just need a word. not just any word, but a word primed for selling. A word that help you sell more.

Here are 366 words that empower you to sell. Pick a word and just start using it.

Use it in an email promotion.

Use it in your Facebook copy

Use it to A/B test new headlines.

Use it in a tweet promoting your service.

Context of Words

Each word comes with a sentence using that word. So it gives you an example of how that word is a word that sells.

The Sheet That Tweets

Sell Daily makes it easy to tweet. Literally click the "tweet" button and your web browser will pop open in Twitter with a draft of a tweet with that word.

You're one click away from a tweet. Every single day.

What's Inside

366 powerful words that sell. Words that sales people and marketers use to promote, influence and persuade you to buy.

366 examples of how each word can be used.

and a Tweet button for each one.

Create a tweet inside the sheet, save it, tweet it immediately, or download a CSV file to upload to a tweet scheduler.

First Mover Discount

Thank you for reading so far down this page. Here's a little bonus.

The first 100 people to use the promo code "first" get $20 off.

The next 100 people who use the promo code "second" get $10 off.

100% off will be applied at checkout (Code BETTERSHEETSMEMBERSSELLDAILY)
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366 words that sell

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Sell Daily | 366 Words That Sell

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