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Make Bank Bundle - Launch, Grow, Monetize a Newsletter


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Bundled together for the first time ever!

If you're starting a newsletter, you'll learn how to grow.

If you're running a newsletter, you'll learn how to be profitable

If you're monetizing your newsletter, you'll learn how to make more.

3 Incredible Courses for $99

Normally buying all these courses separately would cost you $447.

Saving you $348 today. And all these courses are designed to make your newsletter more money. You'll discover exactly how these 3 newsletter operators made bank. 


💰 Profitable Newsletters: Chris of Kintu Labs reveals what it took him to build and sell 4 email newsletters. You're getting the Complete Package.

💸 Monetize Your Newsletter: Pete shares with you how he's landed sponsors and made 4 figures in a month.

⚙️ Better Letters: Andrew Kamphey shares insider information on how he launched, grew and monetized a newsletter that sold for 5 figures within 3 years.

1 Week Only

This bundled deal is available for one week only. From Monday July 12th to Midnight PST July 18th.

I honestly don't think you'll ever be able to get a deal like this ever again on all 3 courses.

Profitable Newsletters

by Chris Osborne

Over the past few years, I’ve built and sold 4 large profitable email newsletters (FoundersGrid, DailyNames, NewKeys and CryptoWeekly) that are read by people at Google, Stripe, Emirates, WeWork, Virgin, Vodafone, Heineken, Samsung, Expedia, and tens of thousands more.

In this short video course, I'll show you how I built and scaled the 4 newsletters I sold, and how you can do it too.

Monetize Your Newsletter

by Pete Codes

It's easy to start a newsletter - it's harder for you to make money

But with my course you can learn how to make a profitable newsletter

I made $1,450 in one month from No CS Degree newsletter ad sales recently

You will learn everything from finding sponsors, getting affiliate income and making paid newsletters 💰

Better Letters

by Andrew Kamphey

Learn how I launched, grew and monetized a curated newsletter. I share with you exactly what I did and how I did it. I share with you the sheets I used, the tools I used and how I went about reaching out to others to help grow my newsletter. Creating content to grow. I share all monetization tactics that worked and some that didn't. I'll share with you exactly how I made bank and paid my bills.

Bonus Tools

Better Letters comes with a suite of google sheets. Andrew used a google sheets to curate over 2,000 articles and use that information to create Content Marketing projects that propelled new growth. Also he's created a special sponsor sheet you can publicly use to keep track of your sponsorships.


If you need hands on consultation, each of the course creators offer a scheduled call for an additional fee. The courses are made available as part of this bundle, but their individual calls are not. It's a chance for you to go 1 on 1 and ask anything you want. It's 30 minutes of absolute 100% positive reinforcement of your newsletter.


"Pete's course cuts through all the BS and shows you first-hand how to find sponsors for your newsletter."

- Derek

"Chris has condensed years of newsletter experience into a brilliant course that anyone can follow. There's no fluff, just actionable advise in every video. Using his process, I found a topic, created a landing page and got my first subscribers in under two days."

- Andy

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Access to 3 courses and a suite of google sheet tools to manage the growth and monetization of your newsletter.

Profitable Newsletters
Monetize Your Newsletter
Better Letters
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Make Bank Bundle - Launch, Grow, Monetize a Newsletter