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I sell a lot of products on Gumroad. Maybe you do too.

In 2020 when I wanted to sell more, I learned of AppSumo Marketplace and could use their marketplace to get in front of real buyers, but I could also keep my products on Gumroad. The way I did that was to generate coupon codes. I made a coupon code, for up to 5,000 uses.

Then realized if I shared with 1 buyer, they can share and I'd get people using the coupon code without buying the product.

What I needed was 1 time use 100% off coupons, 5,000 of them.

Was I going to do thyis by hand? NO WAY!

I figured it out with some code and Curl commands. Used Gumroad's API in my terminal.. to generate the codes... but then I needed a CSV of the code list. OMG I made the codes but didn't save the list, and I didn't know how to turn my terminal with curl commands into a CSV generator.

Google Sheets to the rescue.

No wait.... one more step.

I coded a SaaS to do this. Instead of working on Better Sheets, I created a whole SaaS product that generated coupon codes, generated a CSV. And people bought it. It was adored, used, and.... feature reqeusts came ing... but I wasn't that good of a coder, and just didn't know how to turn this coupon generating machine into a full featured SaaS. so I left it alone. The feature requests died down.

During Black Friday of 2023 I wanted to create new products, and wanted to do more coupon generating... and realized my SaaS was broken. Heroku needed some updates.

But... I was not about to dive back into updating my own SaaS.

Could I do it in Google Sheets?


I did it!

Now, you can generate Gumroad Coupons, thousands of them, in one click, in a Google Sheet.

Best part is that it saves the codes it generates. And you can easily download a list of coupon codes as a CSV to upload to AppSumo Marketplace. I even prepared the export for you. Meaning I went ahead and made it possible to create a single column sheet, with only the codes. The way AppSumo likes it.

Use the Coupons anywhere!

I think one of the coolest things about making coupons is getting people to use them. You can absolutely use Coupon Code Maker to generate 1,000 coupons and get your product listed on AppSumo Marketplace but you also have the chance now to get your product listed on other deals sites.

Now easily list your product on Lifetimo, DealMirror, DealFuel, RocketHub, SaaSZilla, and others that sell redeemable coupon codes to buyers.

Not only that but also use Coupon Code Generator to make sweet free deals on Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Instagram.

or email your list with 10, 20, 50 free codes. Let your readers sift through them and get your products for free.

What's Ahead?

One of the reasons I made Coupon Code Maker was to make fun sales through out the year. Not just list on marketplaces.

I will be adding functionality like generating one time use percentage discounts that go from 99% to 1%.

I did this for a big product and made a ton of sales. I listed it on Twitter and the 90's got used within 1 hour. the 80's took 2 hours to get through and the 70's took another 3 hours. That means in 6 hours I got 30 new customers.

I also had a crazy idea to create lists of coupon codes from any list. You, might, in the future, be able to generate a list of coupon codes from email addresses, or your customer's names.

Depending on how much these features are asked for, I might also add the ability to monitor coupon code usage, and delete certain sets of coupon codes. That's why you can see the code ID when you generate a code. That means the code was generated by Coupon Code Maker and also successfully is on Gumroad.

Buy now, Get all Future Updates Free

If you buy now, you're purchasing a lifetime access to Coupon Code Maker. As I improve it, add features. You'll get updates. No need to buy again.

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A Coupon Generating Machine that's built into a Google Sheet for creating, and saving your coupon codes. Go out and promote!

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Coupon Code Maker

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