Charge! The One Word Book That Will Change Your Life

Andrew Kamphey
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The book that tells you to do one thing, over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

This book is 10,000 2,346 words that can be summarized into one word.  

The title is the summary.

Currently the book is a work in progress. Charge! Includes 17 chapters written for the person I was 4 years ago. If this sounds like you, you should buy this book today.

In 2018 I quit my day job to pursue starting a SaaS. I already ran a newsletter bringing in some income and had the ability to slash my cost of living by 70%. So I had nothing to worry about. I also felt I had to charge nothing for my work. It was deeply depressing after a few failed projects that I hadn't made any money. And slipping into not just 1 year but 2 years of earning little to no income became unsustainable.

I felt ashamed and embarrassed. I felt like an imposter. I felt like I had no recourse. I felt disempowered to do anything. Nothing to use because I couldn't afford much. Nothing to look forward to because even "sales" brought in $0 at that point. The best end seemed like I had a few projects to show potential employers.

That's when I launched a project and started charging for it from the beginning. Then I had something to market. Sales rolled in. I got lucky to be part of a new marketplace so that people could find my product and pay for it. I got in front of thousands and millions of people ready to pay for products.

It was the decision to charge for my work that I claim was the biggest shift in my life in the past 5 years.

If you're making nothing, this book is for you.

If you're making something, but not enough, this book is for you.

As of publishing it in Feb 2022 it's less than 3,000 words. That will take about 10 minutes to read.

In 10 minutes this book could change your life.

In 10 minutes you could have the internal fortitude to charge for your work, your projects, your sweat, your blood and in doing so avoid some more tears.

I want this!


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