Get perspective on your 2024 plan with this full year calendar template in Google Sheets.

All-Year-in-One Overview

Imagine having the entire year's schedule on one single page. BIG YEAR offers a comprehensive 12-month display, providing an at-a-glance view of your whole year. This holistic perspective makes it easier to plan long-term projects, vacations, and personal milestones, ensuring you never miss out on life's big events.

Easily Plan the Big Stuff

Put the big stuff first. The adventures, the milestones, the anniversaries, the birthdays you don't want to miss. Then fill in your year with the other stuff.

Downloadable and Printable

BIG YEAR is not just a calendar; it's a revolutionary tool to transform your time management. Designed innovatively in Google Sheets, this downloadable and printable calendar allows you to visualize and plan your epic year effortlessly. It's the perfect blend of convenience and efficiency, ensuring that your days are well-organized and your goals, within reach.

Weekend Highlights for Work-Life Balance

Experience the unique feature of weekend highlights in a soothing light blue shade, enabling you to distinguish workdays from leisure time at a glance. This subtle yet impactful feature is crafted to encourage a healthy work-life balance, reminding you to relax and recharge during weekends while staying on top of your weekday tasks.


There are two versions, so far. Each are printable perfectly on a Tabloid. One is horizontal, laying out each month vertically and the days horizontally. The tall version is for Tabloid size too but the months are laid out horizontally and the days go down vertically.


If you need order to your day, more than just an empty space. I added a version called "CHECK". It has 3 checkboxes on every single date. Great for setting yourself up for multiple successes. Great for habit tracking, or slicing a project up into very small specific steps on the staircase to success.


Yes Big Year is a totally free template, made in Google Sheets by

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