Better Letters: Make Better Newsletters

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Templates - A Google Sheet Template to Curate, and Monetize your newsletter. A Top 100 Template to grow your audience. A matching making template to build your community.

Courses - Learn how I launched, grew and monetized a curated newsletter to ultimately sell it in 3 years for 5 figures.  I share with you exactly what I did and how I did it. I share with you the sheets I used, the tools I used and how I went about reaching out to others to help grow my newsletter. 

Possible Upgrade

Custom Review - I'll spend 20 minutes reviewing your landing page, signup flow, welcome email and actually sign up for your newsletter. I'll give you as many actionable ideas as possible to grow and optimize your newsletter.

Who Are You?

I'm Andrew Kamphey I created Influence Weekly 3 years ago, Got it to profitability in 1 year and sold it after 3 years of running it. I've helped dozens of newsletters launch. I've created tools to help newsletters monetize and I continue to do so. I'm always looking for ways to standardize the process so that more people who don't feel special, can create something special.

About the Custom Newsletter Review

I've helped dozens of newsletters optimize and make huge awesome changes to their landing pages. 

I will spend 20 minutes reviewing your existing landing page, your welcome flow and your newsletter. 

You'll get a a loom video you can watch anytime or as many times as you want.

I'll include personalized tips and optimizations you can put in to place right away. 

About The Templates

This package of templates aids any curator in their quest for newsletter glory.

1. Newsletter Creator: Curate from your browser, any link online, and have it ready for insertion into your newsletter. Create editions as you pick links and have an easy to copy/paste formatted list of links for your newsletter.

2. Top 100: Create a Top 100 list in you industry. Allow readers to upvote and/or downvote as they disagree with you.

3. Matchmaker: Build your community one match at a time. Give you readers a chance to meet other readers with this matchmaking sheet. Easily create a form, match and send emails to those matched.  Use it for Happy Hours before/after Webinars, or Masterminds or Meet & Greets.

4. Ad Spend Tracker: Discover newsletters you want to advertise your newsletter in. Then track your ad spend with this template. Keep track of who you reached out to, which newsletters your advertising in, and your campaign goals.

Why Do I Need Your Template?

This is the sheet I've been using to create a curated weekly newsletter for 3 years. I've bolstered it with handwritten google scripts code to make set up and running it an absolute breeze. 

This template and all of the accessories has been ideally set up for a B2B Newsletter Operator. Create an industry standard for yourself or your business.

Why Do I Need a B2B Newsletter?

Whether you're a newb or a VP, you want to gain authority and connections in your industry.

Releasing a weekly newsletter made by you and for your industry will make you a thought leader within a year.  You're 52 editions away from running a profitable newsletter.

Do I Need to Code?

All coding is done for you. The only thing left for you is to click copy paste. 

What Do I Get?

1. A bookmarklet to easily and quickly grab the articles to include each week. This alone will save you a massive amount of time "boiling the ocean" of the internet.

2. A database of your curated content.  Purposely built for simplicity and ease of curating weekly content. It'll save your articles for all time.

3. Inside the Google Sheet you get to pick articles for each edition, a Sponsorship CRM, Click to create a simple html template to insert the articles into your newsletter ESP.

4. Custom menu to do basic newsletter tasks in one click.

5. I'll also include a video on how to monetize the heck outta your curated newsletter.


1. Quickly curate a list of the top 100 most influential people in your industry.

How Long Does It Take?

29 minutes to watch all the set up videos. 

You'll be saving tens of hours a week in curating and editing your newsletter.

Do You Use It?

Yes, I have curated over 2,000 articles for my newsletter and still use it today. I've added a bunch of code to make it easier for you to get started and keep going.  This version shaves off time copy/pasting, and even has a HTML template to help you quickly send your articles.

What Else?

This is a living product. You get access to everything that exists and email notifications when I add more videos and if I add more tools.

I want this!

Everything you need to get started

Newsletter Command Center
Public Sponsorship Template
Top 100 People Template
Matchmaker Template
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Better Letters: Make Better Newsletters

22 ratings
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