Atomic Sheets Pro | 100 Google Sheets Elements

Andrew Kamphey
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NOTE: this is a work in progress

100 atomic elements for Google Sheets

  • 5 Beautiful Pixel Art to beautify your Sheets
  • 5 Landing Page Templates to launch sheets easily
  • 5 Better Links to display links fabulously in a sheet
  • 5 Better Dashboards you won't get bored of
  • 5 Tracking Dashboards to excite you

From time to time I'll update the pro pack.

At those times I'll email you so you can get them.

5 Landing Page Templates

Make a good first impression. With these landing pages, the first thing people see of your sheets will be a good sight to see.

Also See 10 free templates at

  • Parking Lot Landing Page
  • Priority Matrix with Shadowboxes
  • Navigation Sidebar
  • Brickwall Landing Page
  • LinkTree Style Link List
  • Simple Landing Page
  • Square Dashboard
  • Treasure Map Art
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Atomic Sheets Pro | 100 Google Sheets Elements

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