100 Twitter Templates In a Google Sheet

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Your Personal Swipe File for Tweets

Show off your expertise.

Save pre-composed tweets.

Collect your thoughts.

Tweet them whenever you want.

Can't I Use Buffer?

Not if you want to store your evergreen tweets.

Not if you have half baked ideas and just need to jot them down to edit later.

1 Click To Tweet'em

Creative Juicer

  • Write'em
  • Enrich'em
  • Post'em

Get your creative juices flowing. Use these formats to kickstart your brain into overdrive. 

Includes writing prompts, and simple formats that can be infinitely iterated upon.

Keep Your Tweets Organized

If you have your own formats you like, then you can use this sheet to organize and keep them all together. You are 1 click away from tweeting them again. 

Save yourself the $19 or $49 a month you'd pay for tweeting evergreen content. Put your copy of this sheet in your bookmark bar. Come back every day. Use it to tweet your best stuff.

Great for 

  • Founders
  • Small Businesses
  • Social Media Managers
  • Marketing Teams

Use the 100 formats included in only 1 click.

Include your own keywords. No need to repeat yourself. Include key words when you need them the most. Include a url to promote your products.

Extend with your own formats.

Can't decide? Use the randomizer to pick one. 

Updated: Added a Categories Feature

Now you can save your own twitter templates in categories.

Filter those categories to find the templates you want to work with when you want to use them.

Add your own custom categories for anything from seasonal to workflow processes.

Who Made This?

This sheet was made to show the power of google sheets. It's an interactive extendable google sheet. Made possible by Andrew Kamphey the creator of Better Sheets.

What is Better Sheets?

Better Sheets is a collection of over 100 tutorial videos teaching you the power of Google Sheets. You'll want to join if you’re tired of Googling everything to make your Google Sheets work.

Detailed Tutorials lead you through real word problems and show you the solutions.

Learn how to build business models, create databases, combine formulas and more.

Learn how to build SaaS tools instead of buying them. You don’t need someone else to make sense of your data – use the tutorial tips to make your data easier to read.

Display data in your way. Create unique themes for your sheets so people know you made them. And make google sheets a better experience for yourself as well as your whole team.

Not Convinced?

See what's inside.  Go ahead, take a look. I'll show you a few twitter formats if you like a little peek. I'll even show you rows 100 and 101. You can be fully assured that there are 100 templates. 


This won't make you Twitter famous.

This won't gain you 30k followers in 90 days. 

This won't make you suddenly a great writer.

You will do all that, yourself.

Come For the Templates, Stay for the Sheet.

In no way shape or form do I need to defend the, but I will say that if you don't like the formats, buy this sheet for the sheet. It's epic.  You can use the sheet to store your own formats, your own evergreen tweets.

I've built in keyword replacements and auto url adders.  

Throw away the formats, Keep the Sheet.

I want this!

100 Twitter formats in a google sheet.

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100 Twitter Templates In a Google Sheet

30 ratings
I want this!