100 Business Ideas Using Google Sheets and Gumroad

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"Launch Now!" they say. "It's Easy" they say.

It actually is easy, if you make a google sheet, and sell it on Gumroad.

You Get

A free google sheet of business ideas you can start by selling a google sheet on Gumroad.

I've Done It, You Can Too

Yes I've launched 2 products and sold multiple copies. I've made hundreds of dollars of revenue.  

Run a profitable curated newsletter from a Google Sheet.

Write more than you ever thought you would, in a google sheet. 1 click from sheet to tweet.

I've built OnlySheets to make it easier to sell google sheets with gumroad. By using onlysheets you can sell access to the sheet. Instead of setting a sheet available to the internet. Set it private and let OnlySheets give access when access is bought. Freely share the url in video walk throughs, and your sheet stays safe.

Building in Public

I'm still writing this sheet. Gonna be more info down the line.

Add Your Own

You might already have an idea, and a product. Email me and I'd be happy to add your product as an example if you have one.

What is the GG Stack?

Like the LAGstack, it's a simple way to create and sell info products, online.

LAG = Landing Page + Airtable + Gumroad

GG = Gumroad + Google Sheets

GOG = Gumroad + OnlySheets + Google Sheets

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100 Business Ideas Using Google Sheets and Gumroad

13 ratings
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